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Terms and Conditions

AMAK membership rules 2018

Terms and conditions of services provided to members of the National Automobile Club of Azerbaijan (AMAK) Public Union

1. General Provisions

1.1. Purpose - The purpose of AMAK is to assist vehicle owners and user in technical, legal, informational and other matters.

1.2. Member – Since 2015, AMAK is a full member of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), an entity uniting 235 automobile clubs from 140 countries, with over 80 million members. Any person possessing the right to drive a motor vehicle, as well as use and dispose it, as well as those who do not possess those rights, yet hold the membership card of AMAK, are considered members of the club.

1.3. Membership Benefits - members are provided with full range of professional services, discounts and bonus programs, delivered by AMAK and numerous AMAK partners. Each time you use services provided by AMAK partners, relevant bonuses are added into your account.

1.4. Territory of services – cities of Baku and Khirdalan.

1.5. Information support - You can find information on membership and AMAK+ bonus program by calling the 24/7 information center dialing *5858 (free of charge) or at web page, as well as AMAK social media pages. Information center calls are recorded to improve the quality of services.

2. Membership packages

2.1. Types and pricing - There are following types of membership cards (membership packages) of AMAK with identification codes and barcodes subscribed to particular owner, ensuring payment and acquire of bonuses and discounts:

Starter –             free
Pro –                   99 manats
VIP –                   299 manats

Membership cards cannot be passed to other individuals or appropriated without consent of AMAK and its partners.

2.2. Expiry date - Starter membership package has a 90-day trial / test period. You can either get Pro or VIP membership after the trial period ends. The period of use for Pro and VIP cards is 1 (one) year. Upon the expiry, a full payment will extend it for another year.

2.3. Upon cards expiry, bonuses and all privileges, including the discount programs, will be canceled.

2.4. Services included into VIP and Pro membership packages, when fully used, may be ordered at discounted prices for unlimited times.

2.5. Getting a Membership Card - Payment for membership cards is made via, with a bank card or cash payment. Upon payment, the membership card will be delivered to the cardholder within 10 business days. Membership is immediately activated if membership fee is paid by bankcard. In case of the cash payment, the membership is activated upon delivery of the membership card and receipt of the payment.

Note: The membership card for the Starter membership package is emailed to the member.

2.6. Unused bonuses will be reset if the membership card is not renewed within 30 days after the expiry date. Unused bonuses are retained if your membership card is renewed within 30 days after the card expires.

3. Services

3.1. Services included into membership packages:

3.1.1. 24/7 Contact Center Service

Depending on the membership package the service includes provision of information about other services, technical advice on the car by phone, identification of technical malfunctions in the car and identification of appropriate assistance or service.

3.1.2. Roadside Assistance Service:
Roadside Assistance is meant to be provided directly in the car, when small technical malfunctions happen. This includes battery replacement, tire change, damaged tire repair, indicators replacement, engine oil fill, replacement of light bulbs, replacement of windscreen wipers and filling of water container, coolant fill, replacement of electronic key battery, replacement of system guard, fuel delivery, and so on.

Roadside Assistance Services:
Battery charging
Replacement of indicators
Coolant fill
Engine oil fill
Brake fluid fill
Hydraulic steering oil fill
Tire change
Changing the air filter
Changing the light bulbs
Replacement of windscreen wipers
Replacing the electronic key battery
Changing the electrical system guard

3.1.3. Tire Services:

Tire change: includes tire change on the road, with the spare tire provided by car’s owner. This service is included in the membership package.

Repairing Damaged Wheel: is carried out on a paid basis. Not included in the service membership package.

Tire Service (vulcanization and balancing): is carried out on a paid basis. Not included in the service membership package.

3.1.4. Delivery of spare fuel, providing the vehicle with fuel (max. 10 liters) for reaching the nearest petrol station if the vehicle is on the road; The fuel price must be paid by the member (cash or debit card) at the time of delivery.
3.1.5. Car towing service is free of charge within 25 km of the cities of Baku and Khirdalan, as a part of the membership package, which is intended to be delivered to requested location. If the distance exceeds 25 km, the member will be offered a discounted fee for towing service. If it is impossible to bring the member's car into operation and the car is towed, the member of the Pro pack is provided with a taxi and a member of the VIP package is provided with a 1-day car.
If the member declines the towing service for any reason and the towing car has not reached the location, no payment is requested from the member. If the refusal is only after the evacuator arrives at the premises, then the member must pay 5 AZN.

3.1.6. Computer diagnostics:
Providing a computer diagnostic service on the vehicle's technical condition.

3.1.7. Technical consulting service
Tips and consulting on your vehicle's technical and mechanical performance.

3.1.8. Legal assistance
The Legal Assistance Service is for answering legal questions related to road and traffic, information on penalties and fees for traffic violations.

3.1.9. Insurance Service
AMAK offers its exclusive insurance products to its members from its official insurance partner.
3.1.10. Concierge Service
The Concierge Service is provided exclusively to members who have a VIP membership package. Here you can find a convenient, day-to-day reservation at service centers, purchase batteries, engine oil, tires and spare parts for discounted price.
Note: services vary depending on the membership package. Upon expiration of the service limit, the member may make use of these services (except concierge and legal assistance) at discounted prices. Starter package users can also benefit from the above services at discounted rates.
Prices are set according to the car brand and will be posted on

3.2. Types of services offered according to membership package

3.2.1. The VIP package includes services listed above and only included in the membership package. For more information -

3.2.2. Pro package includes emergency service, 24/7 contact center, car towing service, computer diagnostics, fuel delivery, tire change, insurance services, as well as bonus and discount programs.

3.2.3. Starter package includes 24/7 contact center, bonus program (3 month) and computer diagnostic (1) services.

4. Using Services

4.1. Only AMAK member may benefit from services provided within the membership package. If the membership card is not available, AMAK and AMAK partner companies have the right to refuse the service.

4.2. In order to benefit from the services provided within the membership packages, you must call *5858, otherwise AMAK will not be charged for the services that are directly requested by the member.

4.3. Bonuses are accumulated on the membership card can’t be cashed. Bonuses can only be exchanged for products and services offered on AMAK's exclusive online store during the lifetime of the card.

4.4. Earned bonuses are activated within 14 days after they have been added to the account. Bonuses will also be deducted when products are returned.

4.5. AMAK is free to make changes to the terms of use of the Services. In case of any changes, this information will be distributed by the AMAK Contact Center and posted on the AMAK website.

4.6. When an internal discount campaign is conducted by the partner, bonuses and discounts on AMAK may be offered on special terms.

4.7. Bonus and discounts can be used during the validity period of the membership card.

Note: If a member voluntarily withdraws from membership and annuls membership package, membership fees for unused months will be refunded to the account or transferred back in cash, considering bank charges. The service fee per month is determined by dividing the membership package by 12 months.

5. Cancellation of order
5.1. The service will not be deleted from the membership package if the AMAK member is canceled within 15 minutes of receiving the service orders set out in paragraph 3.1 of this guide (with the exception of 3.1.5.). Otherwise, if the order is canceled, the service will be withdrawn from the membership package in accordance with this order.

5.2. The technical team will wait for up to 15 minutes for a member / driver at the designated location for the provision of the ordered services. The technical team may refuse to provide service if it is not possible to contact the member after the expiration of 15 minutes. In this case, the service will be deleted from the membership package in accordance with this order.

6. Improper performance of services

6.1. Services may be denied of fulfilment in below mentioned cases:

6.1.1. when weather conditions are very unacceptable and dangerous (icy roads, etc.);

6.1.2. when it is impossible to approach the car (if the car is out of the way, at impassable location);

6.1.3. if the car owner is not near the car to be served (during evacuation, etc.);

6.1.4. if the AMAK member is acting dangerously and aggressively;

6.1.5. if an accident occurs and the police does not allow the service (towing etc.);

6.1.6. if the Member does not submit a valid (non-expired) membership card;

6.1.7. When a member of the AMAK has grossly violated his obligations under this directive and misused the services of the Contact Center.

6.2. The membership card is deactivated by the AMAK when it is found that the circumstances identified under 6.1.4, 6.1.6 and 6.1.7 of this Instruction are found.

6.3. Deactivated card services are not provided and the amount paid on the paid membership package is not refunded.

7. "Invite your friend" bonus program

7.1. Within the framework of AMAK’s "Invite Your Friend" program members are rewarded with bonuses and discounts in accordance with the following conditions.

7.2. The "invite your friend" program is based on the number of the invitees. Invitations can be transmitted through social media pages, web pages, messaging programs and email. It is possible to invite a friend with a 6-digit invitation (for example, Where r is the referral member number. New members who use the same passage and fill in the appropriate boxes are rewarded as well as the invited parties, and receive special discounts.

7.3. A member who invites the new member to register is provided with a bonus of 10% of the membership fee he / she has chosen and paid for. The bonuses are added only when the paid packages are received and the invited member is added to the account of the invitee after switching to Pro or VIP package. Each time the invite renews the membership package, a bonus is added to inviter’s account.
7.4. If the invite chooses a Starter membership package or receives a Pro or VIP pack at the expense of bonuses collected by selecting a Starter package, the inviting person will not get bonuses.
7.5. The person invited can only benefit from the discount at first registration.
7.6. The rules for using the "Invite your friend" program are governed by paragraph 7 of this manual.
7.7. Invitations for a Friend program, gift bonuses, applicable discounts and other terms can be changed at any time without notice by AMAK.

8. Services included into the bonus program
8.1. Information about the AMAK + bonus program can be accessed via the 24/7 Information Center *5858 or website, as well as AMAK's social network channels.

*Note: If you lose your AMAK membership card, you should immediately call AMAK Contact Center *5858, which operates 24/7. The lost membership card is immediately canceled and you are provided with a new membership card by AMAK for an additional fee (with consideration of all bonuses and discounts accumulated in the previous card).