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Bonuses & discounts

Club members are also given the opportunity to earn bonuses and receive discounts! AMAK has established a wide and ever-growing network of partnerships, offering a variety of opportunities and discounts for everyone.

Services: AMAK cooperates with many world-renowned official car services. Members can thus exclusively benefit from the services they offer and purchase spare parts at discounted prices. Car-wash services are also provided on discounted basis.

Sober Drive Service: Safety of members and safety on the roads in general is crucial for AMAK. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to take advantage of this service when you cannot drive because of alcohol consumption or for any other reason.

Restaurant and entertainment: Members join the Loyalty Program by making purchases at AMAK partners’ in locations, recreational and entertainment centers. With the bonus and discount program, discounts are received from our partners on the spot. Just do not forget to show your membership card.


The list of our partners

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